Flexibility is Key To Success


Most Crossfit athletes train every day, Work Out of the Day as it’s known, to keep up with the program, stay fit and continuously improve your performance in comparison to others in the community. But what WODs don’t focus on are key techniques to improve your endurance, performance and health. Stretching and flexibility are key, especially for competitive athletes that put a lot of stress on their body and amateur crossfiters that are maybe not as strong as they should be for the circuits they are doing.

By introducing stretching and flexibility to your pre and post WOD routines, you can improve muscle endurance, avoid injury and accelerate recovery. If you are partaking in Crossfit, some of the best techniques to implement are:


Rolling our your muscles are a great way to circulate blood flow throughout the muscles and open up your joints to prevent stiffness during a routine. If you’ve every experienced a sharp pain in your back or a sudden knot during a lift – that’s due to putting too much stress on an already tight area.

Using a foam roller, roll your quads and hips to loosen your muscles before a squat or leg heavy exercises. Similarly using a roller on your upper and lower back will open up your spine, ribs and back muscles. It’s quite common to experience a few relieving back cracks when doing this, so don’t be surprised about how good it makes you feel.


Rotating your ankles, neck and wrists are also a great ways to loosen up the joints that often experience the most pressure during a WOD. Simple clockwise and counter-clockwise wrist rotations can help loosen your wrists pre workout and relief stress during or post workouts. Extending your ear to touch your shoulders helps stretch the neck. Finally, rotating your ankles and stretching them by pushing against a wall will help you get ready for Crossfit. It’s important to note that although lose joints are beneficial, you’d want to support them during heavy sets to avoid injuries, like breaking your bones. You can do this with wrist wraps from MANIMAL, knee sleeves and elbow sleeves.